Book Your Test Drive


Why Book a test drive?
There are some great reasons as to why you should call ahead to book your test drive! Here are a few;

Just because a vehicle is listed online, it's not guaranteed to be available! A vehicle is not removed from the website until it parked in it's owners driveway. Calling ahead is a great way to make sure the vehicle of your choice is still available!

The vehicle may need fuel prior to a test drive. There is not much more stressful for the Buyer and Sales Professional than turning on the ignition and finding out that the vehicle needs fuel.

We live in Alberta. The chances of the vehicle needing to be cleaned off of snow/ice in the winter or the dust int he air during the summer is pretty high. Give us a chance to make sure the test drive vehicle is nice and clean for you.

A proper test drive can take a good amount of time, especially if the vehicle has a whole bunch of safety and entertainment features that you're unfamiliar with. Calling ahead will allow the Sales Professional to schedule a proper block of time for the test drive and to demonstrate the features that vehicle has to offer.

The vehicle you are interested in could be on a hoist in the shop! We do fully certified inspections and repairs to all our retail used vehicles. A quality repair can take time to complete.

Your time is valuable, and so is ours. To ensure that nobody is sitting around waiting for the other to be available and ready, a little communication goes a long way!